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Floor trusses

Floor Trusses

Precision Truss & Lumber, Inc. has recently installed open web floor machine to ensure your floor trusses are built straight and accurate.

Open web floor trusses create high quality, squeak-free floor with many added benefits. An open floor truss system helps save money and time by reduced framing costs, waste and call backs.

Open web floor trusses are built with the 2x4s flat, which gives installers a wide surface to nail sheeting and also walk on. The open web construction of the floor truss allows plenty of room for plumbing, electrical and mechanical runs to be installed though the floor system.

Floor trusses are a great solution to the code requirement that your home's heating ducts to be in a controlled environment.

Stop by Precision Truss & Lumber, Inc. today to learn more about the benefits of using open web floor trusses.



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